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Public Health at risk in Edgmond

There is at least one person in our village who thinks its OK not to pick up their dog's mess.

We've recently been made aware of dog mess being left in the area where children gather for the 'Safer Walking Bus to School'. There is just no excuse for this. There are free dog poo bags available in the shop, this is a public place and there is a bin immediately adjacent. This behaviour is anti-social and creating a public-health risk.


Dog poo left on the tarmac by the bin

Many people exercise their dogs off the lead on the Playing Field and almost everyone knows to keep an eye on their pets and pick up their poo. But we have someone in the village who just doesn't care. We need help to stop this happening.

We also hear that there is more dog poo being left on the High Street. If you ever see anyone not picking up their dog's mess anywhere in Edgmond please let the Parish Clerk know. It is time to stop this disgusting behaviour.


Contact details: 01952 541939 or email edgmondpc@btinternet.com

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